Meet the Team

We are a strong team with all the skills needed: computer architecture, machine-learning, operating systems, software libraries, end-user applications. See who creates the magic:

Didier Lacroix

CEO & Co-founder

A journey across semiconductors and MEMS worlds to realize the neural networks make sense!Read more

Eugenio Culurciello

CTO & Co-founder

Has been at circuits since he could hold a soldering iron. He has been in college and universities, before. Now he wants to give vision to machines. Read more

Berin Martini

Lead System Designer

Expert in deployment of custom processor architectures, software engineer, embedded systems.

Aysegul Dundar

Machine-learning Engineer

A machine-learning expert with many years of experience in scaling models to understand any kind of data. A wizard with compilers and high-performance programming.

Vinayak Gokhale

Hardware Engineer

Expert in custom computer architectures and novel hardware accelerators. Experienced in system-on-a-chip and programmable devices.

Jonghoon Jin

Embedded Engineer

Expert in embedded vision systems and machine-learning algorithms. Talented in both software and hardware. Has many years of experience in custom accelerators for machine-learning algorithms.

Alfredo Canziani

Machine-learning Engineer

Dreams machine-learning systems in his sleep. He can train the latest models of data-crunching, high performance models for understanding the world. Master of data and programming tools to scale system and algorithms beyond what is currently possible.

Marko Vitez

Embedded Signal-processing Engineer

A wizard of audio and video algorithms in all computing platforms. Has 15+ years of experience in signal-processing and AV systems. Has designed software for radio and TV broadcasting. A powerhouse of ultra-high performance embedded algorithms.

Giovanni Barbera

Mechanical and Embedded Engineer

A mechanical engineer who turned to the dark side of electrical engineering and embedded system. Skilled like few in designing hardware and software systems, from the box to the circuits, to the wire, to the software.

Clement Farabet

Advisor, Deep Learning

Expert in machine learning and deep learning. Founder of Madbits, acquired by Twitter.

Yann LeCun

Advisor, Deep Learning expert

A world leader in machine-learning and neural networks. Leads Facebook Artificial Intelligence Group.

Ashwini Shandilya

Advisor, India Apps Team Leader

Media producer turned Machine Learning enthusiast.

Shohei Sakazaki

Advisor, Japan Business

A startup investor and consultant - a navigator of cross-border open innovation - believing when things get deeper, you've got to be simpler.

Sharjeel Ahmed

Front-end engineer

Applications and UI Specialist with rich experience in the industry. Worked with Fortune 500 companies like Adobe and Microsoft. Expert in Web, Mobile and API Interface.