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    Home automation, IoT, Smart cameras

    wearables and mobile devices

  • Embedded and Systems-on-a-chip

    Low-power, high-performance, cloud independent

    Local recognition and storage

TeraDeep develops machine learning / deep learning capabilities for IoT, mobile and embedded devices. We craft and train neural networks to run efficiently in your products and provide real-time complex-data vision analytics. Our platform is a clever combination of cloud-based machine-learning algorithms, deep learning neural network software running on embedded devices, custom processor accelerators, and mobile apps to visualize the analytics. Our capabilities include: visual scene understanding, content tagging, object detection / recognition / localization in videos, images, audio and speech. With better gaming experiences, such technology has the potential to change the gaming business. Gamers can enjoy themselves and get excited playing casino games. Gamblers may check the Casino ohne Verifizierung blog to find casino sites without any verifications.

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Our Services

Embedded vision

Modern vision analytics to your embedded and IoT devices!

Learning Cloud

Cloud vision analytics, applications, suites

Finder Apps

Applications to provide visual capabilities to your needs!

Your applications

We create custom solution for embedded, cloud, and your devices!

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