Meet our processor: nn-X

Currently cellular-phones, mobile and wearable devices are not able to perceive the world as you do. They lack the computational power and efficiency to perform scene understanding. But do not worry! TeraDeep is here to help. See this video for more details:

nn-X is our answer to this problem: a vision system for mobile phones, embedded system, mobile computers. Fast and low-power, can enable mobile device to see, hear, perceive all day long on one battery charge!

nn-X advantage

nn-X has been tested against a large variety of mobile and desktop devices, with more than 80x advantage in performance per watt. The figure above shows our FPGA implementation of nn-X outperforming all recent SoC devices. An SoC version of nn-X would provide an additional 10x improvement!

Main Features

These are some of TeraDeep Great Features. Explore the possibilities...

Fast: Trillion operations-per-second

Scaling from hundreds of Giga to Tera ops/s

Ultra low-power

Run on batteries all day, consume less than transmitting data to the cloud

Best for mobiles

The highest performance per watt of electrical power in the industry


An co-processor built for embedded systems: minimal memory usage, minimal silicon area

One device to rule them all!

One nn-X, one software developement kit for all your devices: from servers to cell-phones to tablets to laptops


Built for scalability: paramatrized to give you the performance you need in every application