Teradeep Studio

TeraDeep Studio introduces our state-of-the-art Deep learning technology applied to understanding the content of images, of videos, and for applications in home automation and IoT.

At the push of a button, Teradeep Studio allows users to process images or video with custom detectors. Uploaded images and videos are automatically labeled into pre-defined categories, and can be reviewed after processing.

Furthermore, by using a few image files, the incremental training feature of Teradeep Studio gives users the flexibility to train new detectors and use their own image datasets.

Features & Benefits


The goal of Teradeep is to hide complexity and easily deploy Deep Learning technology, in just a few minutes. Teradeep Studio is built with ease of use and intuit in mind.

Image Processing

In order to process an image, users can either drag and drop images into the "Upload Image" area or selectively upload files from their computer. Users can also cut and paste the URL of an image into the corresponding field.

Train Us

To train their own custom detectors, users upload image files for each target object category.

Propriety Data sets

Teradeep Studio propriety data-sets and detectors provide state-of-the-art performance for several image classification tasks.