FPGA Product Development Engineer

Locations: West Lafayette IN, Santa Clara CA

About the role:

We are seeking an experienced FPGA Engineer. You will work closely with Teradeep Hardware and Software Engineering teams to design the next generation of machine-learning accelerators. This is an exciting position that requires mastery of hardware and software in order to solve complex engineering problems. You will implement computer architectures on families of programmable devices, and optimize them to run specific machine-learning algorithms.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Strong FPGA design knowledge, both from a developer and project lead perspective

• Implement custom computer architectures and modules for machine learning accelerators on families of different FPGAs

• Find and fix hardware implementaion bottlenecks, timing closure, latency.

• Capable of functional and architectural definition, floor-planning, simulation, implementation and verification of complex FPGA devices comprising a mix of custom RTL with hard and soft vendor IP cores.

• Work in a team to design new architectures, find performance bottlenecks, break architecture in parts, manage team members contribution

• Work at entire architecture, system level, integrate modules and components while maintaining overall system performance and targets

• Interface FPGA with Linux/unix on embedded devices, server cards

• Responsible for stability of the system over long periods of time

• Write and maintain basic low-level compiler and interpreter software for custom architectures

• Interact with manufacturer of consumer embedded systems, circuit boards, packaging, software deployments

Candidate Qualifications:

• BS/MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics or related experience

• Minimum 3+ years experience in FPGAs development and implementation

• Experience with RTL coding using Verilog

• Proficiency in all phases of FPGA development

• Proficiency in developing automated self-checking test benches

• Ability to integrate FPGA co-processors into embeeded processor systems

• Experience in video streaming and/or image processing products

• Experience with Xilinx FPGA devices, Xilinx Zynq, Vivado software or similar

• Experience with high speed digital bus interfaces, such as AMBA AXI, PCI bus

• Working knowledge of digital control interfaces such as Ethernet, SPI, I2C, RS-232 or similar

• Excellent writing and presentation skills, proven by international level conference participation, acclaimed web blogging

Bonus Qualifications:

• Entrepreneurial aspirations and motivation

• Background in Linux administration

• Experience with OpenCL and SDAccel

• Experience in writing RTL for SoC, SoC implementations, basic VLSI knowledge

• Experience on Altera FPGAs and software

• Machine learning knowledge and background

• Experience in professional low-level compiler and interpreter software for custom architectures

• Experience in embedded ARM platforms setup, configuration and use: ODROID, Raspberry Pi or similar

• Previous consumer product development experience

• Graphic design, CAD design