TeraDeep solutions are high-performance computing solutions for real-time complex-data analytics. Our solutions are a clever combination of machine-learning algorithms, cloud-intelligence software, custom system-on-a-chip, special embedded computers and server-side devices.
Our capabilities include: visual scene understanding, content tagging, object detection / recognition / localization in videos, images, audio and speech.

TeraDeep in the News

  • Researchers from Purdue University are working to commercialize designs for a chip to help mobile processors make use of the AI method known as deep learning. MIT Technology Review
  • Purdue University researchers are developing a neural-networking chip, whose underlying artificial intelligence technology could be used by leading manufacturers to add image-recognition capabilities to mobile devices. FierceWirelessTech
  • Looking even farther out, Eugenio Culurciello of Teradeep advocates a hardware approach to deep learning aimed at maximizing the power efficiency of DNN in mobile devices. David Moloney, MOVIDIUS